Thursday, 1 March 2012

#getMoody 9: I'm all ears

While I was writing my previous post yesterday, which was all about looking long (long garments, accessories, straight hair...), I proposed a pair of exuberant, extra long earrings for those who have short hair. I don't want to seem like a monkey see, monkey do person, but I did feel a little envious of not having a boy-short haircut so I could perform such a brilliant look.
And since I keep trying to train my intuition, or at least stay open to whatever tickles my gut, well there you go; inspiration for today, earrings. More than the inspiration, they are the nucleus around which the rest of the look is built.

What does this mean? It means clothes will be in mild colours, barely any prints on them, not a very accentuated make up and without a doubt, hair up. If you are one of the lucky, daring women who have an extreme haircut, you do not really need to do much on this matter. If you have medium-long hair, my suggestion is very, very simple: top (very high), messy bun. Yes, I tend to be one of those people who spend quite a while in order to create the perfect "undone" hairdo. It does not matter how long you spend on your bun, just make it informal and make sure all your hair is away from your face.

Then you add the earrings: colourful, shiny, golden, silver, ... whatever suits you best, but big. Big and long. Now if you are the kind of person who wears quite visible earrings on a regular basis, this might not be that exciting of an inspiration for you. The earring look can be spiced up with an interesting, eye-catching hairdo (however always bringing hair away from face), or a dramatic lip (how does aubergine or black sound?). If those don't do it for you, you could always go back on other Get Moody posts and find the punching inspiration you are looking for.

Now our ears are all pimped up, we can go out and hear what the world has to say on this Thursday. Follow your gut and have a good day!

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