Tuesday, 6 March 2012

#getMoody 12: bienvenue en France! Ep. 1

My suddenly so regular posts have their origin on the every morning dilemma,"what do I wear today". This conflict is experienced by uncountable women around the world. And uncountable women around the world are missing the key point to solve their problem: be more French.

Now what am I talking about? I stumbled upon a nice article that explained how, whereas in most Western cultures repeating an outfit is a curse, in French society is the key to looking classy everyday. If you loved your outfit on Monday, just repeat on Wednesday to feel just as stylish. Less is more; reduce your options and expand your sleeping time in the mornings.

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Perfect impersonation of French chic

So my experiment for this week will be to be "French". - We excluded Monday from the experiment because, as I said on yesterday's post, the philosophy of less is more doesn't quite work for such tough day. However, the French element was protagonist also on this week's header. - And being more French means: simple outfits, all-field basics and the right charming elements to make it super simple-chic.

To start off, how about a beige invasion? When even the name of the colour is in the language of Napoleon, it cannot go wrong. As simple and free of choice as that. Pick a few basic beige clothes and combine them gracefully. For me, I think a pair of beige leggings, a pale shirt closed up by a bow-tie-wannabe necklace, a lose cotton jacket and, of course, a pair of cream coloured ballerinas will do the job.
To top it up, a rosy cheek and velvety skin make up (sponsored, of course, by Lisa Eldridge) and a perfectly messy pony tail.

I have recently realised that all these posts are unfairly addressed only to a feminine audience, so starting today, I am going to make a little interpretation of what the look would be like for the male public. Here as well, some very beige ideas.

I am loving this outfits already, I don't think I will find any problem in repeating it in a couple of days, following your gut has never been this easy! Bonne journée!

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