Wednesday, 21 March 2012

#getMoody 23: bloody Wednesday

When it comes to lipstick, I really like experimental colours, original shades that can give a real twist to an ordinary look and can turn out to be appealing to look at. However, there is one colour that never goes old, keeps turning as many heads as the first day and acts as an absolute attention magnet: red

Back in 1884, the first lipsticks meant to be commercialised were launched in Paris, after decades of social condemnation towards women wearing red lipstick, or any lipstick at all for that matter. Fashion houses like Guerlain, were pioneers in making red lips a sign of seduction and charm, detaching it from its degrading conception.

Guerlain commercial for lipstick, 1938

Nothing much needs to be said about such iconic colour, and even less when it is applied onto lips. Not in vain, the word for lipstick in languages such as French or Italian is red (rouge à lèvres/ rossetto). Strength, power, self confidence, sensuality are served.

Given such an energy cocktail contained in one single pop of colour, I decide to give all importance to the lips and perform a monochromatic outfit in cream beige, since black or white would compete in protagonism with our star of the day.

Red Lips at Anna Sui SS 2012

Lately, catwalks and make up trends have presented a very matte version of red lipstick. Nevertheless, I think since it will be the only form of controversy in today's look, I will go for an ultra-glossy version, making the lips look almost surreal, plastic.

To help perfection this look, Lisa Eldridge has a beautiful, very interesting and well documented tutorial on Marilyn Monroe make up, and the lips she designs in that video are as delicious as they are perfect for today's look.

Hair back, blusher to the minimum, no earrings. Just pure seduction and intensity. Just red.

Follow your gut.

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