Monday, 25 November 2013

on fashion brands (and why they could be left behind)

On my previous post, I mentioned how YouTube paid subscription models will become the new television, and also how many industries will be benefiting from it.

I also raised the question of why is the Fashion Industry not going along with it. Most big fashion brands' YouTube channels are an absolute failure, leave alone them launching a paid one. What fashion brands do not seem to understand is that having a YouTube channel isn't simply putting any videos up as long as related to their brand. It needs a strategy behind it, needs to be addressed at the proper audience and needs to blend with those people in the field that do have a significant presence within the platform.

Friday, 15 November 2013

YouTube killed the TV star - YouTube paid subscription models

Town criers. The people responsible for announcing official communications and news of interest to the masses. Back in the Middle Ages, these people were the ultimate source of information, and whoever has the information, holds the power. Who would have told them around 1450 that a device called the printing press, would revolutionise the world and leave them practically out of work.