Wednesday, 7 March 2012

#getMoody 13: bienvenue en France! Ep. 2

Woody Allen, Annie Hall, 1977 - Diane Keaton

Don't let the image confuse you; despite the undeniable American print on the film Annie Hall, this post is still French enough to be named as it is. I guess I am not quite that French of a girl yet and I cannot repeat an outfit two days in a row. Tomorrow it will be a different story, but for today, Ms. Keaton is not opening the post for no good reason. I am all in for a look that the French style like nobody else: garçon.

The boyish style or androgynous look is fading away a little, but it has had its maximum presence in last season catwalks and has made its appearances in this year's fashion weeks.

Max Mara AW 2012/13

So for an allure coated, sophisticated and very, very uncomplicated look, let's man up! The formula could not be easier: trousers, stripped t-shirt, suspenders and a blazer. The cherry? The outfit-topper, ever-French-inspiring, immediate-glamourising hat.

Ralph Lauren AW 2012/13

To be perfectly honest, I am not that much of a fan of the classic French hat. However, when it comes to hats there is an infinity of options. A 70s pamela, tight-knitted hat or a borsalino will do just as good.

What about the make up? Of course, even for this one, the makeup know-it-all Lisa Eldridge has a magnificent tutorial.

And for the actual boys? Couldn't be easier! Copy-paste. Period!

Enjoy this playful and androgynous look and follow your gut!

Vanessa Paradis

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