Monday, 20 February 2012


This is certainly not a daily style blog. Two good reasons why it isn't are:

I do not think that my style is as iconic/groundbreaking/relevant as to make it the main theme for a blog
I do not find myself in such position as to give advice to others on what to wear.

Nevertheless, I do find myself sitting in front of my wardrobe every morning for far too long trying to spot the combination of clothes that make it for me that day. Last Thursday I turned my computer on to play some music while deciding what to wear to work and I stumbled upon a very nice mood set in Polyvore. One of the pieces in it reminded me a piece of clothing that I own and that gave me the key for the perfect outfit for that day.
Therefore, and since I believe this clothing dilemma is common to many people every morning, I decided to make a daily post on the "inspiration for the day". Not necessarily a whole outfit but maybe an exciting nail polish, an easy and chic hairdo, a fragrance... that little something that spices up your style for the day.

So for a tough Monday, here is my first inspiration. How about fighting the cold winter with a bold, white piece of clothing? Any white coat you feel like taking out for a walk? Maybe a white purse, ballerinas, a sweater or a knitted dress? Let's make a snow white day out of this Monday, and of course, follow your gut!


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