Thursday, 8 March 2012

#getMoody 14: bienvenue en France! Ep. 3

Audrey Tautou

And the answer is yes! I am recycling my outfit from Tuesday and pulling it off today with absolutely no shame whatsoever.
My outfit on Tuesday, when it was all about beige, ended up being a pair of beige leggings, an oversize pink-beige top and a very pale beige cashmere sweater on top. My key element to spice it up was a beautiful bib necklace with multi-colour stones.

The outfit-rocking elements today will be on hair and make up. In such a mild outfit I would play up with a very daring make up, such as an acquamarina blue or even a trendy red eyeshadow. However, since I am not all for a theatrical look for work, I am going for a juicy, deep purple lip and a very much contrasting bright green nail polish. Just picturing the effect of the bright green next to the purple when leaning your face on your hand makes me sparkle with energy!

Rouge Dior Haute Couleur
786 Mysterious Mauve

The hairstyle I am going for may not be very impacting, but when I saw it on the Valentino AW 2012 beauty review, it reminded me how I absolutely love romantic hairstyles. Thus, such is what I am wearing today.

Top: Valentino AW 2012
Bottom: Model Sigrid Agren

However, I am going to take the liberty of adorning the Valentino hairstyle a little with some subtle accessory such as a flowery headband (image above suits just perfect).

For the guys, if you want to refresh a look you already used, introduce a colourful belt or a patterned scarf and go for a great day avoiding the morning what-do-I-wear trouble.

Follow your gut and have a great day!

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