Wednesday, 29 February 2012

#getMoody 8: hang lose

Even though the temperature has considerably improved the past few days, there is something to that Autumn, languid look that I cannot remove from my style cravings.

The good part is that summer trends are loaded with elongated proposals for fresh and floaty looks. What would have been a brownish, mustard coloured outfit a few weeks ago, now evolves into a pastel, pure toned outfit.
Right, we "cannot" jump into summery, powerful colours quite just jet, agreed. However we can adapt them and combine them as an "appetizer" of what is to come. I am thinking Jil Sander SS 2011 collection, and those breathtaking long skirts that bring elegance to the maximum via simplicity.

Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011

However, the inspirational key for today's look is not as much colour as it is length. Long, long, long. That is exactly how I feel today, ready to walk the streets leaving a vaporous, ethereal halo, like a spirit of the city floating among common mortals...

... and back to earth! Let's bring all these beautiful words into a practical outfit: long skirt,  silky oversize blouse, oversize cotton jacket, straight (-ened, in my case) hair. The punch of colour is introduced by the wonderful Zara skirt I fell in love with last week, but of course any of the pieces on your outfit can bright up the look. For the rest, just grab any loose shirt and cute, big cardigan you have around (if you don't have any, oh well... boyfriend's clothes - or brother's or even dad's!).

For the hair, long, and ├╝ber straight. If your hair is too short to be straightened, or you have a nice cute bob length cut, try adding a headband and let the ends hang loose as long as you possibly can. If this is too gipsy of a style to, for example, go to work, how about a pair of cascade-long earrings?

As always, if you follow your gut you will get to the perfect look. Good day!

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