Wednesday, 14 March 2012

#getMoody 18: ankle much?

What a lovely month March is. Spring begins, sun shines and you feel cheerful inside and therefore healthy and glowy outside. One of the things I like the most is you can start combining your still wintery clothes with awesome fresh, summery footwear.

Ballerinas, sandals, gladiator shoes, all marry perfectly with the piece that is inspiring today's post: capri trousers. Those lovely, recycled from the 50s trousers that are short enough to leave your ankle uncovered. A classy, yet very sexy piece of clothing. 

How is an ankle sexy, you might wonder? Well, back in the 19th century, when dressing code had barely anything to do with what we wear nowadays, women were already aware of the erotic power an ankle could have. Up to the point where your ankles was considered obscene, yet almost the pornography of the time.

Back in 2012, capri trousers are certainly not a sexuality symbol, however they have a certain special charm to them. They have been all over the catwalks this season and everyday streetstyle looks are constantly built up around them.

Street style at L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

So I am going for a capri Wednesday and particularly, a very colourful and bright one. When combined with a basic white T-shirt, they are the perfect canvas to paint on an amazing look. Draw on whatever style you want just by changing the shoes: flats for a girly look, ankle boots for a vintage image, snickers for a pop outfit... As important as trousers are, shoes are not in the very least less crucial: showing more leg means more attention to shoes.

And guys, it could not be easier for you, ankle-length trousers are the most trendy garment for men since at least 2010 now, so join the crew. And no worries, if you have no capri trousers, piece of cake: fold them at the end!

Bottega Veneta

So follow your gut and go for whichever the look you prefer. Personally, I will go for a very British look adding some Oxford shoes to my patterned capri trousers!


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