Friday, 9 March 2012

#getMoody 15: bienvenue en France! Ep. 4 - Finale

Katharine Hepburn

And we made it to the end of the week adopting the beautiful French philosophy of recycling gorgeous outfits and easing our mornings. Today I am emulating Wednesday's outfit, that was all about giving your androgynous self a go. On Wednesday the post kicked off with super stylish Diane Keaton on "Annie Hall" and today it is miss Katharine Hepburn herself, an undeniable icon of androgyny, doing the honours.

My outfit on Wednesday turned out to be a pair of baggy black trousers and beige suspenders over a stripped sailor top. All crowned by a beautiful crochet, tight-to-the-head hat. The basic elements are staying untouched today: trousers, top, suspenders. However, the hat will not be featured this time. I feel like pimping this very neutral look up with a little concession to femininity, that will, of course, be noticeable through the make up.

It seems like coral will be the colour of the spring/summer to come, and I am all for a beautiful coral look that has its highlight on a very special lipstick. On a previous post, I spoke about bright lips and how they are becoming stronger as seasons go by. Particularly those with a strong white base, that give a glow-in-the-dark effect. My personal favourites at the moment are the very pretty pink from MAC Pink Friday edition by Nicki Minaj and a gorgeous creamy soft orange from Illamasqua.

Illamasqua - Obey
MAC - Pink4Friday

You can imagine how happy I was to find that make up guru, miss Lisa Eldridge has a tutorial featuring that very same lipstick (which of course, I enclose below).

To maintain some of the male features on the look, hair tight up, away from face, emulating a short hairstyle.

Boys? Just keep it as simple and cool as in the previous edition and if you want to spice it up a little, how about a pair of daring colour shoes, or maybe adding a thin, coral coloured tie?

Aki Choklat pink shoe

Coral Orange tie by Bows 'N Ties

We have arrived to the end of the French experience. I have quite enjoyed it and might stick to the idea of recycling nice outfits to ease my morning, outfit-deciding crisis. As always, best advise I know, follow your gut, smile and have a great beginning of the weekend!

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