Thursday, 2 June 2011

the new MacBook... from 2020

Remember those cute 90s films where the future was depicted as minimalistic, white, plastic and technology-based? The naiveism that surrounded the whole vision of the 21st century, flooded with "invisible" computer screens where you could drag data from one place to the other just with the touch of your finger?
There is one company already that keeps developing this technological updates everyday faster, making that ambitious image of the future from the 90s not so ambitious, but quite accurate. Designer (and visionary) Tommaso Gecchelin proposes an unbelievably foreseeing outline for MacBooks in only 9 years from now.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


It is not too much of a trend forecast saying that we are heading towards eco/recycling attitudes more and more.
However, here is a very original, artistic way to save some trees with imagination and good mood.

when textiles start to talk

Last April, trend forecasting guru Lidewij Edelkoort organised an exhibition in Salone del Mobile, Milan. Under the name Talking Textiles, she presented an extraordinary compilation of furniture, carpets and tapestry from ground-breaking designers such as Maarten Baas, Katrin Greiling, Nacho Carbonell, and many others.
At Edelkoort's website, Trend Tablet, we can find some interviews to the designers featured in the exhibition, the perfect opportunity to come closer to the work of those who are revolutionizing the interior design world.
Below, the latest uploaded video, introducing Brazilian designer Rodrigo Almeida.

Rodrigo Almeida from trendtablet on Vimeo.