Thursday, 29 March 2012

#getMoody 28: the curious incident of the Greyhound in the Springtime

One of the things that definitely make an outfit shine is contrast. Now if instead of contrasting just your clothes but your whole outfit with the environment around you, doesn't that boost the effect? In other words: now that Spring is among us with full strength, I feel inclined to performing a total grey look.

The good thing of inspiring your outfit on just one colour is that there are barely any restrictions: follow your gut when deciding what clothes you put together and, as long as they are all grey, it will do. I definitely want to start with a pair of acid washed grey jeans. I love the grunge vibe they have to them, yet without looking too "rock-starrish". A pale grey top, maybe with some lace applications or transparency, to chic it up, and a pale grey oversize blouse on top will finish it. A very uncomplicated outfit.

Isn't it so suitable for guys as well?

On to the details: isn't grey make up so simple but yet so stunning? I know grey lipstick sounds insane for many people, but if you dare to pull it off, it will make wonders on this look. If this is too much, just keep a very simple make up with very flesh-looking lips and wear some grey nail polish (there are so many shades available nowadays that it will be hard to chose!).

Doo.ri NY
When it comes to jewelery, everything silver will work, I would go for a long thin necklace and a big ring, again, your imagination is the limit.

SOS Galgos

How to spice this total look up a little bit? Well my choice is to finish it up with a pair of leopard print ballerinas or ankle boots. For some reason, the combination of lots of pale grey and a highlight of animal print seems like the perfect balance to me. However, sticking to the black-grey-white colour range, a pair of zebra print shoes can also make it.


How grey are you feeling today? Enjoy!


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