Thursday, 22 March 2012

#getMoody 24: let's go corpse briding

Even though, for some reason, black and white stripes tend to have a connection with French style, this is not a French inspired post (we had quite a few of those not long ago).

Today I am detaching it from Napoleon's land and establishing a much more party-rocker relationship: rebel girl look. Striped tops are an old story nowadays, they have been all over the place for several years, but they still manage to stick around. Before they became so trendy, B&W stripes used to remind me of gothickybeetlejuicey environments. There is something creepy to them, probably because when I think of striped stockings I cannot help but thinking of the dead witch under Dorothy's house in The Wizard of Oz.


That is the kind of inspiration I am trying to bring to my look today, still keeping it away from a total emo aspect. Dark jeans or leggings and a wide-striped top, coated with a black leather jacket and super straight hair. The glam element can be added by featuring quite a few long necklaces and plenty of rings to dress up your hands.

(L) Quemepongo by Mango
(R) The Smoking Nuns

H&M Early Spring 2012 collection

I find this look to be pretty unisex, so the same guidelines work just as well for guys.

The Sartorialist

The one step boys can skip is make up, which in this case I envision as very minimal yet harsh; plenty of black liner in the waterline, no lip colour and accentuated contouring work.

Custo Barcelona 2012

A twist in style to rock this Thursday. Follow your gut and have a good day!

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