Tuesday, 20 March 2012

#getMoody 22: feline good

Miu Miu SS 2011

I always feel like making the most ground breaking looks on the least special days of the week. Tuesdays tend to be lame, not as hated as Mondays, not as cheerful as Thursdays, just another boring day in the middle of the week.

Therefore, it needs stronger of a punch, always powered by stylish ideas. Yesterday I couldn't stop bumping into things related to cats (articles, images, actual cats), so I thought, why not give a feline twist to my outfit tomorrow?

And here I am, ready to perform a cat inspired look. The first thing I think of when I imagine a kitten inspired style is, for some reason, a rounded shirt collar. Those became fashionable a couple seasons ago, especially when the Miu Miu animal printed collars came around in 2011.

Thus, the kind of collar I am thinking of is not a sharp, pointy one but a round, soft, very infant-looking one. The one that reminds of little children's shirts, which will be radically counter parted with a non less feline inspired make up.


As you can already imagine, when it comes to make up, it is Lisa Eldridge's time. Now, the tutorial I am featuring today is not specifically on cat-eyes, she has one dedicated to it, but it didn't quite convince me. And even though the one I picked for this post may seem a little bit too much, just using a softer colour, or bringing down the intensity should do just fine for a bit of a stronger everyday look. After all, we need to wild that baby shirt up, don't we.

The final outcome looks terribly audriesque to me, something that makes me love it even more.

If the make up is still too much for you, you can always pull off the cat-eye effect using a pair of wonderful retro-style sunglasses. Or if you are lucky enough to own a pair of cat-eyed prescription glasses, enjoy rocking this look!

(L) Prada
(L-below) Tom Ford
(R) Jeremy Scott

Follow your gut!

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