Friday, 2 March 2012

#getMoody 10: making Patrick Süskind proud

Today's inspiration is a little abstract. Very often we don't acknowledge how many steps we take into building our everyday look. But every little counts. And for me, one of the unforgettable steps is perfume.
Those little drops in the morning give me a subconscious glamorous and above-it-all state of mind. Therefore, there is no way I cannot consider perfume a part of my outfit, and certainly a good candidate to inspire one of my looks.

Today I am building my style upon a scent. I do not like to give very specific/narrow directions, because the inspiration is very general and can take lots of different forms. That is why I will not propose any perfume in particular, just go for your favourite. "Wearing perfume is not going to make my day, I already do it everyday". Very fair observation. However, as I said, I want to base my look on it. This means, sorry, using a lot of perfume.

John W. Godward, The New Perfume, 1914

I know, I know, protocole says perfume should only be sensed at kiss-on-the-cheek distance, a rule that I quite respect and follow. But I find that, if you dress up mildly (how about nude, fleshy colours shaping up a creamy total-look?) a powerful, nice scent can play the part of an intense lipstick or an eye-catching ring.

So lose your fears, pick a perfume you don't wear on a daily basis, one that makes you feel motivated, and spray it. Key spots doubtlessly (under ears, back of wrists), and also back of your knees, shoulders, front of your elbows and last but not least, hair. Now this one is a bit tricky. Hair absorbs smells a lot, so one single spray from a safe distance (take the bottle as far from your hair as you can) should bathe it into the lovely scent for the whole day (and even longer!).

Photo by Ennil

How beautiful and poetic is a gorgeous lock of hair that scents everytime you shake your head? How literary and evoking is the idea of someone with a beautiful scent to their skin? Maybe this is only insipring for me, but I am determined to profumate all around with my lovely perfume today. Follow your gut and have a great-smelling Friday!


  1. The Dutch girl3 March 2012 at 18:37

    Very suggestive. Many times we don't realize how special we can make our day just from the very beginning, the moment when you dress up and get prepared to start your journal. Many of us don't pay enough attention to this moment (or even any at all), neglecting the fact that sometimes whether it becomes a good or bad day depends solely on the mood you start it with.

    This article reminds me the importance to give each day its own idividuallity and enjoy it in a unique way. It will definitely rend us more happiness and optimism than giving over to the routine until one day, if you are lucky, you may realize the minuscule number of days you really 'live'.

    Thanks for reminding us!

    1. Wow, what a wonderful comment, thank you very much, glad you liked it!