Monday, 19 March 2012

#getMoody 21: nice to mint you

As I will very widely board in an upcoming post, pastels are everything this upcoming season. They are already invading stores and very soon they will invade the streets. 

However, there is one particular pastel colour that has already been present, it is among us since last spring-summer, and it is most certainly delightful: mint green.
Although being just one more of the many beautiful pastel tones, I find mint green has something special, more charming to it that any other pastel. The proportions of deep, refreshing green and pure, milky, gooey white create the perfect equilibrium between powerful energy and tranquil calmness. The result is just an intriguing colour, capable of turning any regular Monday into a magical day.

Mint green works wonders even applied in the smallest amount (just a top, an accessory, a head piece), but tomorrow will be a rainy day in town, which makes it even more tempting to wear a total mint green look. There are a few pieces in Zara that I quite appreciate, such as a beautiful floaty skirt or some 70s vibe trousers.


Mint green nails are certainly a must this season, however for a total mint green look, I feel seduced by the gorgeous apricot nail colour that Chanel proposes for this spring summer.

Chanel SS 2012 Nail Varnish collection

Who could not be ready to start the week with refreshing mint and lovely, sweet apricots taking over the very first thought of the morning? Follow your gut!

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