Friday, 30 March 2012

#getMoody 29: someone bit me

Erdem SS 2012 by Andrew Gallimore

Just like Mondays need a more energetic, punchy look to bring your spirit up, you can get away with very little in order to feel bursting with joy on a Friday.
It has been a while since I inspire my outfit just on a make up highlight and today is the day. Looking through some images yesterday, I ran into a brilliant make up look by Andrew Gallimore for Erdem SS 2012 (opening image) and I immediately fell in love.

Carolina Herrera
The Makeup Box

The bitten lip effect became very trendy some 4 years ago and it was then replaced by the impecable shape lip, that has been ruling for the last few seasons in every shade and texture. Finally it seems like this informal version of lipstick is coming back. This beautiful lip effect gets inspiration from traditional asian make up techniques, that tend to draw a smaller lip shape inside of the actual lips, creating a beautiful china doll look.

Good Hair Days

What I love about this technique is that it allows you to wear the most daring, shocking colours and never feels like it is too much, you don't feel overdone. Since it allows you to control the intensity better and it is supposed to look "unfinished", you don't even have to worry about retouching!

Despite the variety of colours (all of them) that can be applied with this method, I see it looks its best with dark aubergines, reds, strong fucsias,... the sort of classic lipstick colours, let's say. 

Personally I am going for an orangey red like the Erdem one since it has been obsessing me since I saw it, nevertheless feel free to follow your gut, experiment and maybe your lips will get a real bite...

Have a great day!


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