Friday, 23 March 2012

#getMoody 25: bringing bipolar down

Urban Outfiters
It is official: two days ago spring invaded us. And alongside with it comes the funniest style period of the year. Walking down the street becomes a very confusing, yet entertaining experience: stubborn, cautious people, reluctant to let go of their coats, boots and wintery colours, mingling with the wild, careless ones who are ready to expose their bodies as soon as a ray of sun reaches the ground.

This crazy period always gets me confused, I feel over and underdressed uncountable times in a 10 minute walk. So today I decided to cut on the confusion and start combining both worlds wisely. My tool to make it happen are: short shorts and fancy stockings.
I love the combination, haven't quite worn it this winter since stockings are certainly not warm enough for me during the coldest months, but current weather is just perfect for them.

Chez Carolaine

Shorts are a bit of an issue sometimes, depending on the shape and length of your legs they can look good or terrible. It is just about choosing the right shape for you, since they are so fashionable it is possible to find just about any type you can think of in the stores. High-waisted, XShort, baggy, long shorts,... As always, follow your gut, you know your shape best.

When it comes to picking the stockings, take into consideration the optical effect that patterns have (horizontal stripes make your legs appear shorter and bigger, so do polka dots or white stockings, etc). Nevertheless, I think in a look like this you do need to consider aesthetics but also be a little playful and dare wearing an original pair. If you just want a pop of colour, try some colour block stockings (you can get inspiration here), if you feel a little wilder go for patterns, lace, animal print, ...
The key to be in your element while walking through city streets, have a great Friday!

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