Thursday, 15 March 2012

#getMoody 19: making giraffes jealous


One of the prettiest and most sensual parts of the human body is the neck. There is something special and particularly intimate about a soft kiss on one's neck.
And one of the best advantages of spring weather is that we can finally lock up scarves until next winter (as much as I liken them) and start showing off that sexy, silky bit of skin. And not only can we show it but adorn it.

Lately I am very much (and not only me, catwalks dictate) into plain tops, simple shirts that transform completely when applied an eye-catching, stunning necklace. And necklace trends nowadays are following two main directions: super long and classic or bib style.

Street style from
(L) Dozen Dresses
(R) Girl Once Known As

The XXLong necklaces are perfect for short tops combined with high-waist trousers, since they optically elongate the figure that is being halved by the clothes. These are lately a very good option also for guys, a  simple, thin chain, nothing fancy, just cute enough, that gives the final touch to a moder, stylish outfit.


Bib necklaces look wonderful... with basically anything, but I find that a one-piece garment, such as a long, plain dress or a two piece, one-toned total look, really get that style punch when added a bib necklace.

So I am going for a long black dress and a very colourful, shiny, impacting bib necklace that sweeps away all the seriousness of a black total look. The best about bib necklaces (most necklaces really) is that you can chose a very bright and colourful one if you want to cheer up a dull look, or you can go for a black/silver/gold simple one and top up a patterned outfit. As always, follow your gut, chose whatever suits you best, and have a great day!

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