Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#getMoody 17: bling bling

The Blondes, NY Fashion Week 2012

Let's make a lame Tuesday shine. Last season, metallics and shimmery effects were all over the catwalk. Golden and silver outfits became the essentials to any night out. And since fashion is so beautifully extravagant and exuberantly extreme, catwalks this year have taken this trend one step beyond.

Chanel AW 2012

How can you not get inspired from such an image? Now do not fear, I am not intending to wear Swarovski eyebrows to work. But a little bit of blinding shines on a Tuesday outfit doesn't harm anyone, if anything, it cheers up the spirit.
So I am thinking silver-waxed jeans and a floaty white blouse. Or how about a plain, long, black dress and some super impacting blinging lips?

And, without any doubt, here is wonderful Lisa Eldridge with a brilliant make up tutorial for glittery lips.

If you want to create the most impacting, impressive glittery lips, you can always go for the Glitterati lips by Violent Lips, a "tattooed on" lipstick that makes your lips look unrealistically shiny and outstanding.

It is always about making life exciting through little things. And little things can be a super shiny bow tie or can certainly make anyone's day the most exciting and provide the right amount of hunger for life. Is that too bold of a statement, or can fashion really be that powerful? Well, following your gut to dressing up stylishly everyday can certainly make a difference in your mood and attitude, so why not giving it a try...

Have a great day!

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