Monday, 12 March 2012

#getMoody 16: kick-off Monday

And another energetic Monday it is! After last week's French experiment, it is time to start fresh, a new week full of interesting outfit possibilities. I was looking through my drawers and I bumped into a few pairs of stockings that I haven't worn in a while. The reason why: they are coloured.

We have the terrible tendency to wear dark colours during the winter and therefore abandon perfectly beautiful pieces of clothing. Well now the toughest cold is gone, I feel ready to fold my legs into an inspiring colour cover.

I used to have trouble wearing coloured stockings because they are a little difficult to combine. Colours like red, indigo blue, fucsia pink or aquamarine blue, look too obvious when combined with black clothes, which is how you usually see them. However, I found the way to integrate them in an outfit in a classy and modern way: never combine with black. Lighter shades like pale beige or light taupe make the perfect combination with intense colours on stockings.

Another option is to pick a stronger colour on clothes (dark grey, neutral white) and combine them with coloured stockings on pale/pastel shades. These have become very trendy in the last couple of seasons, what used to be a no-no is now a please-do, such as white stockings (which personally remind me of my outfits when I was a little girl). And, as I will mention soon in an upcoming post, pastel colours are definitely on vogue now. So the winning horse for me today will be a pair of pale lemon-yellow  or light pink stockings and a grey mini-dress. Easy as can be, but yet different and stylish.

Krizia Robustella

With this kind of outfit, it is nice to keep make up and hair very natural, since legs are quite a big part of your body to cover in colour, you don't want to "over do it". Just clean, natural hair falling over shoulders and very fresh yet simple make up.

Since stockings is a piece of clothing that men do not use (on a general basis), the structure of today's look  consists of combining a powerful colour and a neutral one, never too contrasting, creating a colour block effect. Therefore you can use either of those on trousers and top, pump up the colour with an interesting tie or even with a full suit if you dare, just follow your gut!

Have a very colourful Monday!

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