Thursday, 19 April 2012

on how outfits can give you diabetes (or how pastels took over Spring)


Oh well, it's been a while... After this brief break I think it is time for a trend update instead of a Get Moody daily style episode. No fear, those will come back, but since last trend update was a while ago, there has been time for quite a bit of trend spotting and analysing. So to gently getting started, I cannot help but addressing what is to be (and is already) the key trend to this spring summer: pastels.
As a logical transition after the vibrant, deeply pigmented collections for AW 2011, soft palettes took over catwalks for SS 2012 collections. One of the first pastel invaded collections I can recall was the Chanel Resort 2011. Later on, Louis Vuitton eclipsed it with a fabulous Resort 2012 collection; sweet, dreamy, flawless and innocent.

Gucci AW 2011
Louis Vuitton Resort 2012

One of the best things about this trend is that it is a good variation of the classic white clothing that is usually seen in spring and summer. It is the perfect balance between the typical flowery pattern during the spring and the perennial Ibiza-white dresses.

What I find different in this retake of the pastel trend is that it extends to everything and anything. Not only clothes turn pastely, also make up, nails, even hair turns pastel. It is certainly a sugar-coated, overall revolution.


The trend on pastel hair is so big and remarkable that I will dedicate an entire post to it very soon.

The key to performing this trend without dying from a sugar overdose? I think it is all about counter balancing; if you are wearing an all pastelly make up and nail art, a neutral, autumnal colour like grey would make the perfect tandem. When performing an all-pastel outfit, the classic advice would be to combine it with very neutral accessories and shoes. If you are one of the people that like to run away from topics though, I would suggest to just introduce a very powerful, distinct colour such as deep aubergine oxford shoes or a zebra-printed scarf. You could just as well break the sweetnesss with a sharp make up, going for deep red or radical black lips, or an ashy blusher.

Jeffrey West aubergine shoes

Louise Bourgoin

Let yourself be embraced by this sweet, adorable trend that will explode and invade the streets with springly joy. Follow your gut!


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