Friday, 24 February 2012

#getMoody 5: fluor Friday

And finally TGiF! Even if Friday is not your last working day of the week (as it is for the one writing this), Fridays have that feeling to them. The good vibe, there is actually something different in the air, the attitude of people in the streets, there is a "Finally Free" atmosphere all around.

And that is why Friday's are on for a stylish punch. This Friday I can absolutely see a bold, super bright pink lip on myself, to get me in the mood since the very morning. Also, the fact that I just purchased a gorgeous bright, chewing-gummy pink lipstick may have something to do with it.

Super bright colours have been on vogue since 2010 already, however, the power that a bright lip gives to your spirit never gets old. And I find that certain shades of pink, especially those containing blue, look good on any complexion and hair colour. Yes, even red hair. I am aware that there is a bit of an issue when it comes to putting red-orange-pink together, but this pink really goes well with ginger hair (speaking from own experience).

So let's bring out the weekend spirit and pump it up to the world through a pinky-neony lip! I leave a tutorial on bright lips by Lisa Eldridge, a recent discovery that is driving me crazy these days. She is a professional make up artist that makes brilliant tutorials on her Youtube channel. I will be posting more of her videos, since it is an injection of make up inspiration for any day of the week, but for today, enjoy la vie en rose and follow your gut!

PS. As I was doing my image research for the exact colour pink I wanted to post, I run into this commercial by Nicki Minaj for MAC Cosmetics. Seems like they have launched a bright, gummy lipstick named after her album "Pink Friday"...  Need anymore reasons to go for a pink Friday?

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