Monday, 27 February 2012

#getMoody 6: bright morning after

Harry's Bread 2006 commercial

The look I propose today usually fits better after a late night out or some hardcore partying. However, some Mondays, the perspective of the week to come is heavier than the worst of hangovers.
Dedicated to those days, my inspiration for today is not really an inspiration but more of a need. The "fresh face" inspiration. I have many times in the past made the mistake of loading my face with make up hoping it would cover all my little shames, however, it does nothing but make it worse.

Lily Cole performing the perfect overdone morning after look

A very light foundation, very good concealing, a brightening pink blush and little eye makeup (couple coats of mascara). That is certainly the best cocktail for looking like you just came from a perfume ad and not like you drunk the bottle. For a step-by-step guide on how to master this look, of course, The makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge.

She has a fantastic tutorial on morning after makeup which I feature below these lines (for some reason, she split it into two parts).

However, I personally love this other one. It is also a great how-to for a morning after face with a much more playful and lively outcome.

So now the angel face is on, ready to fight any mood-killing Monday, follow your gut and have a great day!

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