Tuesday, 28 February 2012

#getMoody 7: you're so patternising...

Image from Trendland

Mixing patterns has been trendy for good four years already. However, the immediate chicness and cheekiness that some well combined, daring patterns give, always sounds like a winning horse to me.

So to make some good use of the vibrant energy that bold patterns irradiate when put together, here comes my combination for a powerful Tuesday. Is it too much saying that African inspired print marries well with a good, old-school tartan? I know the first impression might be a little: she is crazy kind of thing, but I have tried it before and they make wonders to your mood when you see such contrasting colours and shapes.

However, when it comes to mixing patterns one can take it as far as desired. For a more relaxed look, tiny liberty flowers together with some polka dots work wonderfully, and so does a stripped shirt with some lace. Or how about applying the pattern mixing only to one part of the outfit? A nice, colourful headband can bring a punch to any Tuesday look.

Your imagination is the limit (you know it, follow your gut!), but mixing, combining and, why not, daring, is the key. Enjoy your day!

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