Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#getMoody 3: contradict me!

I feel like Wednesdays have a special something to them. They are right in the middle of the week, you still don't feel the rush of weekend round the corner but yet you sense the relief of half a week being over.

For this transitional day I feel like combining the antagonists: a puffy, floaty piece of clothing combined with a hot, super-tight one. Easy combination for any wardrobe: if you have a pair of flowy, puffy trousers, wear them combined with a tight, enhancing top.

Flowy pants, tight top
On the contrary, if you do not have any trousers that suit the example, find a big, oversized top, a very flowy blouse or similar and combine it with the skinniest trousers you own!

Oversized top, super skinny trousers

If the idea doesn't quite seduce you, how about trying a big hairdo, puffy 80s style, combined with a sharp, well defined makeup?

And if you dare, wear it all at the same time! Follow your gut!

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