Friday, 20 April 2012

nothing like a classic...


As a closure of the week, I am going to invite you to surrender. Surrender to the chicness and simplicity of one of the most iconic, basic and essential pieces of clothing ever created: the white shirt.
Tight, lose, minimal, baroque, girly, masculine... there are too many options, thousands of combinations, but always one result: a classy outfit.

I personally love a relaxed, effortless look combining an oversize white shirt combined with leggings and boots, but, as I use to say, follow your gut, the combinations are infinite. How feminine and sensual can a tight white shirt be, when put together with a pencil black skirt? Or how equally sexy can a total masculine look be, when adapted to a female shape?

Yves Saint Laurent

Enjoy the simplicity, since the best things always come from the easiest of ideas.

Model Jean Patchett

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