Sunday, 9 October 2011

what's with the beasts?

Animals are on vogue. They are featured on magazine editorials and trend websites. The importance of their relationship with humans is unquestionable, they are part of our lives in one way or another. From your lovely pet to the birds and mice that we share the city with, we live surrounded by animals.

We are so linked to them that soon, we will find a way to integrate them with us. Recovering our very animal instincts, forgetting for a little while the reason, the logic, just letting ourselves go and enjoying the simple, blessed life of these wild creatures. The first sign to this? A funny representation on how we can make animals fit parts of our own body.

Jungle animals seem to be more present than ever. More specifically, elephants. The greatest inspiration for the trends to come. Their typically decorated heads and bodies seem to propose a very attractive pattern that could be very well adopted by houses like davidelfin or D&G.

There is an initiative that runs since 2007 called Elephant Parade that promotes elephant protection and preservation by organising open air exhibitions of elephant statues decorated by famous artists. Gorgeous, very easy to imitate pattern that I can definitely see on a plain white T-shirt. What do you think? Try, follow your gut!

Elefly by Annal├╣ - Elephant Parade Milano 2011

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  1. oh my god! what a cute drawing on the hand