Thursday, 6 October 2011

off with the razors


After the hassle of moving houses and a few days with no Internet, here I am again to air out some more curiosities that have caught my eye. 
The topic I am currently working on for my trend book is very much related to how society is going back to basics, social mentality is becoming much more open and superficial is being left behind. All this, of course, reflects on how people look, what they wear and how they behave regarding fashion.
Translating this into a more practical approach: the tendency I keep noticing is hair. Social behaviour towards hair is changing a lot, back to the very basics (don't want to say back to monkeys, but...). Much more relaxed, undone, messy.

It started last season with the big eyebrow trend and keeps extending towards facial hair in general. Unshaved men are seen much more than they used to. In fact, not only unshaved, but fully grown beards are taking the streets. Very much in the style of the so called bears, the recently labelled social group of big, hairy men with thick, long beards.

WvB models and van Beirendonck himself (right)

Designer Walter van Beirendonck is already putting them up on catwalks, so look around, next up beaches will be full of hotties exhibiting a genuine hair blanket all over them! (And don't wait too long till women stop shaving as well... follow your gut!)

Images: various sources, The Sartorialist

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