Thursday, 23 January 2014

Jelly - and how Fashion could lead the way!

Model and blogger Coco Rocha

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, ... do we really need any more social networks in our already overly exposed, social life?
Jelly logo

Yes, we do. The name is Jelly, and it has come to stay. created by Biz Stone (co-creator of Twitter), it launched in early January 2014 and it seems like it will take no time to become that new little icon on our phone screen. But why do I think it is going to work?

The mechanics of it are very simple: you post a question about anything you want to know, people within your other social networks (Facebook or Twitter - or both) get that question in their Jellys. Result? Uncountable answers, some funny, some accurate, all useful. Same thing the other way round; you can answer any of the questions that pop up on your Jelly.

And that's it. Yeah, that is it. What's that, sounds a bit silly you say? It doesn't sound so silly when you think about the amount of times you google things you don't know. And how many of those times, is not an academic question, but just general knowledge, or even a personal interest.

Ok, so now we know what it actually does, let's forecast some uses for it. I am always drawn to thinking towards the fashion approach, and, just like I said when mentioning the uses of Snapchat in fashion, I believe this app entails immense potential. It is all about interacting with the audience and making them feel part of the process. Say a brand like Burberry (who happen to be the most forward thinking fashion house) threw out a Jelly question in the lines of: "Should we go for blue or red as the main theme on our upcoming fall collection?". Or maybe "Would you like to see an all-sequined piece on our next catwalk?". People (and most certainly yours truly) would go crazy. And consequently, the number of eyes avidly scanning their upcoming fall collection would increase remarkably: everybody would want to find out whether they included a sequined piece or they picked the most requested colour by the public.

Jelly interface

You can not only get brand awareness, but also general brand knowledge and product innovation from your very own, and free I might add, focus group. I am talking Givenchy asking "Which iconic actress became intimate friend of Hubert de Givenchy?", and getting people to research on it, both because they want to know and because they want to find a lovely image to include in their answers:

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy

The potential for brand-consumer interaction is highly remarkable: not only can you ask questions to engage your target audience, but you can answer their questions. A customer can post a picture of him/herself on a gorgeous outfit they just purchased and have no clue how to accessorise. Well, what better opportunity for a brand to enamour your customer than answering/suggesting yourself what should be paired with it?!

Very few brands are already present on Jelly, but soon enough we will see how brands make the most of this great app (and I'm wishing fashion would be an early adaptor on this one...).

Follow your gut!

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