Friday, 31 January 2014

forecasting: the power of instinct

I love how our brains work sometimes. Have you ever had that feeling, when you have a thought or are under a circumstance, and then all you can see and hear is related to it?

To make myself more clear; on my little review about Jelly, that new app everybody is talking about and that will take over our phones and free time oh so soon, I took a chance to theorise about how the Fashion industry could benefit from using an app like Jelly.

I randomly used the house Givenchy as an example and referred to Mr. Hubert de Givenchy's intimate friendship with Audrey Hepburn, and how delivering that information through Jelly would generate brand awareness and educate the customer on the brands' history.

To my surprise, I come across this video today on's YouTube channel:

And the reason I love this is because there is no limit to what inspiration can bring. That is the key when predicting trends: you come up with something from the back of your head (which was probably put there soon earlier by something you saw and you cannot even recall), then start seeing traces of it everywhere, manifestations of it in the same or similar forms, or even small things that are remotely related to your initial thought but happen to connect somehow.

That is the beauty of forecasting anything: analysis and research, and then fruitful connections amongst things you would have never thought could possibly be related. THIS is why I love forecasting and research.

And this is why I always say FOLLOW YOUR GUT, that little phrase you can find on each and every post you read in this blog. It may seem something silly at first, but follow your instinct and you will find your mind connects the world in a wonderful way, that can bring you wherever you want.

Have a lovely weekend, and, of course, follow your gut!

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