Tuesday, 15 October 2013

you saw it here first: Snapchat + fashion designers

Going through some old Fashion Week reviews, I realised I never commented on a Mashable article that surprised me. It is no news that the Fashion Industry has been partnering with social media for a while now, benefiting from its immediacy and broad reach.

Well during New York Fashion Week, back in September, designer Rebecca Minkoff revealed exclusive pieces of her collection via an unusual app; Snapchat.

The most exciting part for me is, I spoke about how this exact usage of the app should be used by designers back in August in one of my posts, where I decided to study Snapchat from a more commercial point of view than just teenagers exchanging videos.

The Fashion Industry today moves even faster than one could have ever imagined, and it is wonderful to see that designers aboard new, innovative ways of preaching their art.

Have a lovely day and follow your gut!

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