Thursday, 15 August 2013

fashion could use a little ghost

Doing a bit of research on interesting apps in growth, I came across this one, Snapchat. For those who are not familiar with this app, Snapchat is an app that allows you to share photos and videos with your contacts. How is this innovative? I thought. Well, the singularity of this app is, the recipient will only be able to see your "snap" for up to 10 seconds. If you don't screen shot the content, it will disappear.

Snapchat app

It is openly targeted at teenagers, and frankly, I thought of it as a bit of a pointless app, unless you belong to the highly hormone-controlled group mentioned. Something was however very intriguing and attractive about this little app, so I decided to stick to my moto, follow my gut, and gave it another thought.

The speed of the already fast paced Fashion Industry has become vertiginous thanks to the arrival and established apps like Twitter; journalists and bloggers tweeting directly from fashion shows, outfits going from catwalk to Zara in less than a months time, seasons going up to 7, whatever happened to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter that all of us poor mortals used to know. Well, think of adding content that fades away within seconds to the mix; this cute ghost could be a bomb.

September fashion weeks are around the corner, and we are all expectant already to see what new dazzling designs Alexander McQueen will bring to the table, what will be Raf Simons next move for Dior, what dreamy gowns await us at Elie Saab backstage.

Alexander McQueen
Savage Beauty Collection Pieces

How about, D&G take a shot of one of the gorgeous pieces that will be on show sometime between September 18th and 23rd, Snapchats it to key bloggers Chiara FerragniHanneli MustapartaBip Ling, fashion trendsetters like Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Mira Duma and video bloggers, say Chriselle Lim or blogger turned vlogger Garance Doré. How about they only see it for 4 seconds, still amazed by what is happening, and generate rivers of content via blog posts, videos, tweets. How about those who had a chance to capture the screen before this marvel vanished, post the image and make it accessible to potential and former clients.

Chiara Ferragni - The Blonde Salad
Hanneli Mustaparta - Hanneli
Bip Ling - Bip Ling

Olivia Palermo
Alexa Chung
Mira Duma

Chriselle Lim Youtube Channel

Garance Doré Youtube Channel

How about, by the time this design is walking on the runway for the first time, customers have already built a relationship with it, and certainly generated a desire for it. Not to speak of the word of mouth, notoriousness and expectation this would provoke at all social communication levels, from phone messaging to television and print.

The fashion industry could have so much fun with little apps like this, exploring digital platforms that are so easy to approach and would bring so much profit within the blink of an eye. And having an exclusive preview on one of the jewels that designers like D&G have brought on catwalks the past few seasons wouldn't hurt either, hey?

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