Monday, 31 December 2012

classy New Year!

What a funny day today. Newspapers, TV shows, websites, blogs; everybody is talking about what they are leaving behind.
Hence, let's not milk it and think only about what is to come: hopefully a real fun night. I wanted to make an original New Year's Eve "Get Moody" post, but during research, I came across so many interesting, quality, fun ideas, proposed by the internet community throughout this year, that I thought: let's list out some of this favourites!

Make-up-wise, it is not a secret that Lisa Eldridge is my weak spot. The classy-new-goth trend has its best translation into a make up look on this tutorial, featuring make up artist Mary Greenwell.

In spite of my adoration for Lisa Eldridge's work, it was not one of her night look tutorials that won me over for this special Night. Miss Michelle Phan uploaded a beautiful, glamourous tutorial for New Year's Eve that immediately made up my mind on a look for tonight (her natural-looking blue contacts a haunting plus!).

When it comes to picking the outfit, the safest bet is always black and its ever-so-glamorous partner: gold. Bloggers all over the world exhibit their fashion choices for this special night, and the combination of the precious metal with all sorts of pitch black textures is the winner.

The Blonde Salad


Mes Voyages à Paris
Obviously the end of a year and the beginning of a new one is not only about how you will do your make up or what outfit you will chose. 2013 promises to be a very exciting year, full of enchanting fashion proposals in the line of polished goth, rococo "more is more", sobriety and block colours, fairy tale inspired textiles, ...

All those things and more will have a place in Trend Preport next year, but for the next few hours, enjoy the rush of looking good and follow your gut!

P.S.: Go D&G with the style of the earrings and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. loved your post!!!!!
    have a golden 2013!!!
    I'll try to go D&G tonight haha...

    love from Mexico... María :)