Tuesday, 27 September 2011

inspired by Li Edelkoort

I have spent so long without posting. And also, I have spent last week in Paris, on an intensive workshop at Li Edelkoorts trend agency, Trend Union (trendtablet.com). The experience has been so inspirational that I have decided to retake my little contribution to the trend forecasting world by posting my various, sometimes silly, mostly random thoughts.
The main piece of advice I take with me is "follow your gut". Listen to your intuition. It sounds a little abstract and also hard. If I think about it, I even doubt I may have it sometimes. But then, if you pay attention, you realise that what you thought were unimportant thoughts, are actual bits of intuition. And only when I started paying attention to them, I realised my intuition was right.
This little dissertation will take consistency in the upcoming posts.
All your thoughts are valuable. Listen to your inner self. Listen to yourself. FOLLOW YOUR GUT!

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